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Rajarajeshwari Nagara

Rajarajeshwari Nagara is a model locality in Bangalore today. It took not less than 22 years of hard work by its founder Dr.Arunachalam with an able leadership team, to bring it to its current glorius state. A notable and most trusted leader in Dr.Arunachalam's team is none other than our G.H.Ramachandra. Fondly known as GHR or Ramachandra, he has been associated with the area from 1988 onwards. GHR has tirelessly worked towards the betterment and ongoing sustenance of the good development. What was once an area infested with just snakes and other insects, has been transformed into a happy living place for all the citizens of Rajarajeshwari Nagara thanks to Dr.Arunachalam and Mr.G.H.Ramachandra.

There are several well developed and approved layouts in the locality. What is less known is the fact that there are approximately 25 villages in its neighbourhood which look up to Dr.Arunachalam and Mr.G.H.Ramachandra for resolving various issues with landlords or for taking help from the Government departments on various matters.

It will be obvious to state that G.H.Ramachandra has been a part and parcel of Rajarajeshwari Nagara's journey, starting even much before its inception. He has worked with the erstwhile CMC which is now merged into BBMP (Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike), in brining projects to better the roads and parks in the area. In addition he has helped bring a full fledged police station in BEML 5th Stage. There were times in early 1990's when people would have to walk from the arch to their homes. With his tireless efforts GHR has brought a big bus depot to the area, and has helped introduce several bus routes which connect all important parts of Bangalore to our Rajarajeshwari Nagara. GHR has also started looking into Ideal Homes to improve its infrastructure and to eradicate any basic problems that may be present. GHR's wish is to make not just a few areas, but all of Rajarajeshwari Nagara to develop uniformly for every body's benefit. .

Ramachandra has gone beyond the call of duty in tapping various Government funds available through MLAs and a few ministers and has formalised them into development projects for Rajarajeshwari Nagar.

Dr.Arunachalam has the following to say about GHR:

“Our Constituency(ward-160) has seen more development compared any other wards. GHR has always gone the extra mile in bringing great developments to the area. He is a part and parcel of our area and is very much needed for sustained growth of OUR Rajarajeshwari Nagara.”

The list of developments may be viewed under the 'Achievements' section on this website. There are several initiatives that are on the way also, thanks to GHR's continuing efforts. It will be wise for the citizens of Rajarajeshwari Nagara to elect Mr.G.H.Ramachandra to the BBMP as a councillor and let the development work continue many fold with the flow of current government's vision and initiatives under the leadership of GHR.

It is our right to exercise our franchise in the upcoming BBMP elections on 28th March. Please invest some time to Vote for the welfare of Rajarajeshwari Nagara and for your own benefit ....

- Well wishers of Rajarajeshwari Nagara.